How to Minimize Incoming Spam Mails

In today’s wired life everyone has an email id. And every one having an email id is prone to SPAM emails. Sometimes its frustrating to search one genuine email out of hundreds junk mail. Though each and every service provider, be it Hotmail or Yahoo! or Gmail or your ISP or your website host, tries to keep spam level to minimum by using various tools. But, this is a cat and rat game between spammers and service providers. Most of the times all anti spam measures fail to detect and filter all spam mails. For you, as an end-user, following are few guidelines which will help minimize incoming SPAM mails:

  1. DO NOT use CATCH ALL email accounts. Instead use email aliases.
  2. DO NOT display your mail id (with or without a mailto: link) on your website. Instead make a graphic file of your mail id and display it w/o any hyperlinks.
  3. Change your email password every few days.
  4. Plesk and cPanel users can use spam assassin feature to delete all SPAM mails before it reaches your inbox. If you are not aware of this feature feel free to contact your hosting provider.
  5. You can configure your email client (Outlook, Eudora and Thunder Bird) to sort out suspicious mails and put them in a separate folder. You can review these mails at your leisure and tell your email client as how to treat all such future mails.
  6. DO NOT store your email password in outlook express or any other email software you use.
  7. AVOID using mail auto responders.
  8. CHECK any contact / quote / order form put on your website for its efficiency. These forms are number one source of phishing / Junk emails. Check if the form can be submitted w/o any data filled in or filled in with spaces in it. If possible ask your designer to include CAPTCHA (Image verification process) in any and all your forms put on your website.

Above will not eliminate junk / spam emails but will certainly minimize the numbers. Happy e-mailing.

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