G(oogle) Talk now Features Group (Conference) Chat

Google announced a new feature for its’ G(oogle) Talk users i.e. Group Chat or as popularly known Conference Chat. The group chat feature lets user chat with many friends at once. There is no limit to the number of people who can be invited to join the chat and any participant can invite others to join.

To get started, initiate chat with a single person in your friends list. Once chat is started with one person, click Options at the bottom left of your chat window and select Group Chat. In the field labeled ‘Add a person to this chat,’ enter the name of the contact(s) you want to add to your group chat and you are done.

To end your chat, click the ‘X’ at the corner of the chat window. Others in the group chat will get a message saying that you’ve left the conversation. If you want to rejoin the chat, you’ll need to be invited back by a contact who is still in the group chat. The group chat will continue until all participants have left, immaterial of whomsoever started it.

So go ahead with G(oogle) Talk and enjoy collaborative conversations.

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