Registered Wrong Domain Name, Get a Refund.

You have just registered a domain name and are busy planning for your new web site. All of sudden someone pointed out that the spelling of the domain name you registered has a mistake. What do you do now? You contact your domain registrar company and they ask you to stick with that domain and advise you to purchase another domain name with correct spelling. Though you might have paid just 10$ – 12$ but then its hard earned money. Here is a good news for you. Most of the Domain Registrar Companies, including Anubhooti Internet (Registrar and Host Company of will delete the domain name and give you full refund minus a charge of approx. INR 50/- (One USD).

If you have access to the domain control panel then the process is fairly simple. Just logon to your control panel and delete the domain name. You will be asked for confirmation and along with you will be shown the amount you would get as refund. However, you can delete the domain and thus get a refund only if you act within four days (72 hours) of registration. This four day period in case of domain names is referred as the Money Back Period. Deleting a domain name will immediately stop all functionalities (like the Website and Mails) associated with the domain name. A domain name deleted in the Money Back Period does not slip into Redemption Grace Period and is immediately available for registration.

However, to avoid misuse this feature is not advertised and generally you should ask the registrar company before hand. Please note that domain names only with .COM / .NET / .ORG and few other TLDs are offered under the Money Back offer for domain names. So, next time before you register a domain name with any registrar company, make sure to ask their policy on Money Back. You don’t know when a wrong key stroke can make you look forward to this facility. After all your money is hard earned money.


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