– Free Conferencing Facility Launched

Sabeer Bhatia, co-founder of Hotmail, has co-founded – a free - free conferencing facility for up to 10 callers facility, in association with Yogesh Patel, a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of provides a three easy steps facility to start conferencing. Mind you, this is not some online conferencing, Sabeer is talking about. It’s about conderening through any land line or mobile device. It provides all digital connections, claims to be secure, available on demand 24×7.

To avail this facility you need to visit and register yourself on After registration, you will get a conference id and PIN, which could be shared with your peer group for conferencing. Once registered your account will never expire. You can always change the PIN. And you can connect up to 10 callers (including yourself) in single conference call. This all free facility though in Alfa stage, has only one drawback – any user who wants to use this facility has to call a Mumbai, India number (+91-22-39804444).


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