WordPress.com upgardes Free Space to Three Gigabytes

Today, wordpress.com made an announcement to upgrade free upload space by 6o times from 50mb to 3000mb for all wordpress blogs hosted on it. This upgrade will give its’ users freedom to blog rich media withour having to worry about storage space left in their wordpress account. To remind you 1GB paid space at a normal web hosting company costs approx. $300 per year.

As per the announcement by wordpress.com they hope to transform the blogging scene much in the same way as Gmail has done to email. Over the past year wordpress.com team has developed file infrastructure, replication, backup, caching and S3-backed storage to the point to offer this freedom.

Goodies doesn’t end here. The paid users also has same news for them. Say, if you bought 1GB space with wordpress.com, now it has been upgraded to 5GB for no additional cost. However, like everywhere, here also some fine prints are present. To upload certain file types, like movies, you still need a space upgrade.

Happy Blogging!


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