Google Made changes in Verification Process for Adsense Publishers

Recently Google made changes in verification process for Adsense publishers.  To make sure that the AdSense account details, publishers provide to Google are valid and correct, it uses two methods of verification. First one is using PIN (Personal Identification Number) and second is Phone Number verification. Google uses one or both of these verification methods in order to ensure the security and accuracy of adsense publisher’s information so that payments from AdSense account can be released in favour of the publisher.

In the past, Google would send out a PIN mailer to publisher once the earnings in publishers account reach $50. Upon receipt of the mailer, publisher would sign into his/her adsense account and then verify the PIN as provided in the mailer. However, recently Google lowered the threshold of $50 to $10. This change will make many publishers see a PIN arrive in their mailbox sooner, as well as a prompt in Adsense account to verify PIN / phone number.

Apparently this change doesn’t seem to benefit Adsense Publishers upfront. But in a way it ends agonizing wait for PIN mailer and account verification at early stage so that the publisher can concentrate on what they are best at i.e. managing and publishing content on their website.


One thought on “Google Made changes in Verification Process for Adsense Publishers

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