phpBB (Widely used Open Source Forum Solution) Releases Ver. 2.0.23

phpBB Group relesead version 2.0.23 of it’s widely used Open Source Forum solution phpBB. This release addresses several bugfixes and some security issues. The new version can be downloaded from

From the changelog of this release we can see following fixes / upgrades:

  • Correctly re-assign group moderator on user deletion (Bug #280)
  • Deleting a forum with multiple polls included (Bug #6740)
  • Fixed postgresql query for obtaining group moderator in groupcp.php (Bug #6550)
  • Selected field on first entry by default for font size within posting_body.tpl (Bug #7124)
  • Adjusted maxlength parameters in admin/styles_edit_body.tpl (Bug #81)
  • Fixed html output in make_forum_select if no forums present (Bug #436)
  • Fixed spelling error(s) in lang_admin.php (Bug #7172, #6978)
  • Correctly display censored words in admin panel (Bug #12271)
  • Do not allow soft hyphen xAD in usernames (reported by Bander00)
  • Fixed the group permission system’s use of array access
  • Simple group permissions now work properly
  • Fix inability to export smilies (Bug #2265)
  • Fixing some problems with PHP5 and register_long_arrays off
  • Fix possible XSRF Vulnerability in private messaging and groups handling

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