It’s raining Promotions for Domain Names

After .Net, .In and .Info, now it’s turn of .Mobi to drop prices. While .In promos concluded few days back and .Info promotion still running many registrars, including, and Anubhooti Internet have announced a dip in pricing of .MOBI domain names.

As per the promotion, pricing for any new .MOBI domain name for an End User has come down to Rs. 375/= (plus / minus Rs. 15 depending on the Registrar). Earlier .MOBI domain names were being sold in between Rs. 1500/= to Rs. 2250/= per domain year.

.MOBI registrations are available freely to all registrants worldwide, be it companies, individuals or organizations. This pricing is applicable for all new registrations only. Any renewal or transfers from one Registrar to another will cost at normal pricing. Also, this pricing is for first year registration only. Say, if you want to register a new .MOBI TLD domain for 2 years, then you will need to pay for first year as per promotional pricing and for second year you will be charged as per normal pricing.

So, what are you waiting for. .MOBI pricing may not go so down again and since this is a limited time offer so it won’t last long either.

Register your .MOBI Domain name Now!!


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