Parallels Launched Plesk 8.4.0

Parallels (formerly Sw Soft), launched Plesk 8.4.0, though an official communication from the company is still awaited. Surprisingly, there is no mention of this release either on Parallerls website or forums. Good news for Pleask users is that Plesk 8.4.0 supports DomainKeys, long awaited anti spam solution promoted and used by Yahoo!. A small list of What’s New, showing from within the control panel, includes following :

Web Application Categories
All web applications are now sorted by categories, which makes it easier to choose the right application to install.
DomainKeys Support
You can use DomainKeys e-mail sender authentication mechanism to reduce the amount of spam and phishing e-mails that are sent to your customers.
Updated Components
Plesk Control Panel 8.4 works with the following updated software: Acronis True Image Server 9.5, Horde 3.1.7, SPAW 2.0, Adobe ColdFusion 8
4PSA VoipNow Module Support
Plesk Control Panel 8.4 fully supports the VoIP solution developed by 4PSA.

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