Pricing for all New .IN domain names goes under knife once again

updated: Starting 24th March, Anubhooti Internet is offering all new .IN registrations at Rs. 250/= (US$ 5) per year including,, etc.

After a promotional price cut in 2007 for all .IN registrations, today once again many registrars announced a dip in pricing for all second and third level .IN domain names. As the .IN promotion goes on, pricing for any new .IN domain name has come down to Rs. 500/= (plus / minus Rs. 50 depending on the Registrar). Earlier second level .IN domain names were being sold at Rs. 800/=. Pricing for new third level .IN domain names have come down to Rs. 375/= in comparison to earlier selling rate of Rs. 450/=.

.IN domains can be registered by any company, individual or organization worldwide, and there are no nexus or other qualifications required. The following are all the .IN extensions that are available at this special promo pricing:


However there is a catch. This pricing is applicable for fiest year of all new registrations only.  Say, if you want to register a new .IN domain for 2 years, then you will need to pay for first year as per promotional pricing and for second year you will need to pay as per normal pricing. Also, any renewal or transfer from one Registrar to another will cost normal pricing.

So, Don’t wait any more. Go and Grab your .IN Domain Now, as this is a time limited offer!!

ps: In addition to .IN prmotion you can find .MOBI, .US and .BIZ domain names also at a price cheaper than normal. For more details visit Anubhooti Internet’s Hot Deals page.


2 thoughts on “Pricing for all New .IN domain names goes under knife once again

  1. Glad to see offers like this. More no of .in domain will get registered. Normally this is the season for domain name registration.


  2. In Market everybody know what is the price of .in domain market is open the .in domain price is 60 rupees only not more than this and unlimited hosting in just 500/- for one domain no condition apply.


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