Upgrade to WordPress 2.8 Now!

The latest version of WordPress, version 2.8 “Baker” (named in honor of noted trumpeter and vocalist Chet Baker), has been released on Wednesday, 10 June, 2009 as scheduled. It has several improvements to themes, widgets, taxonomies, and overall speed along with over 790 bugs fixed.

Visually 2.8 doesn’t look much different from 2.7, however once you start digging dip, you’ll notice and begin to appreciate the changes. Following are few major improvements in WP 2.8:

1. It’s was faster to use because of changes in the way WordPress does style and scripting.

2. The core and plugin updaters in previous versions of WordPress have been extended to themes too. You can now browse the entire theme directory and install a theme with one click from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard.

3. New CodePress editor, which gives syntax highlighting is a huge appreciable feature for users who make edits or tweaks to themes or plugins from dashboard. Also there is now contextual documentation for the functions in the file you’re editing linked right below the editor.

4. Say goodbye to frustration which came along with the management of widgets in earlier versions. This release of WP widgets interface has been completely redesigned. New interface allows users to do things like edit widgets on the fly, have multiple copies of the same widget, drag and drop widgets between sidebars, and save inactive widgets so you don’t lose all their settings. For developers, they now have access to a much cleaner and robust API for creating widgets as well.

You can read official announcement on wordpress site.

You can also read the full and exhausting list of over 180 new features, changes, upgrades, and improvements on the WordPress Codex.


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